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The less I am, the more I feel!

Less is more!


Beyond thinking is knowing!

Don´t worry! It's not you,

it's a sense of you!


 You can never have more

than your own self!


Don`t be perfect! Be yourself!


Don't change it,

live it!

You can never lose who you are.

You can only lose what you think you are.


If you are not in peace,

you are in the mind.

 You want money? Follow your mind!

You want love? Follow your heart!


It's not how much we know or possess,

it's the level of love that determine the quality of our life.

Negative experiences for you might be

positive experiences for your soul.

Be grateful about it!


Love is all ... mind is the rest.

 Sometimes losing everything you have,

leaves you, with everything you are. You might realise

you are all you ever had, and all you`ll ever need.


 You can't have everything,

unless you are everything!


 Sometimes losing everything you have,

leaves you, with everything you are.

Cover the pain of traumatic event

with the power of the present moment!

 Nobody knows,

we just think we do!


 The treasure that we are searching all around the world

is closer than we think.


You did not get what you want?

Don't be bitter, be grateful!

You have just received what you need!


If you are not facing love,

you are facing your mind.

The truth is right before we start thinking about it!

Be faster than your thoughts!

 You can't have it,

you can be it!


 Beyond everything you think you are,

and everything you think you need,

you are everything and need anything!


Thinking came from the mind,

knowing came from the heart!

Don`t think! Live!

Your own self

It can’t be found, because it is not an object,

it can’t be understand, because it is not a concept.


 The more we think,

the less we know!


 You can never lose what you have.

You can only lose what you think you do!


Don`t worry! It is not the truth.

It is your perception of it.

Don't be something

while you are more than something.

The Truth

Don't search it!

Live it!

You can not find yourself!

You can only be yourself!

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