The Kingdom of Mind

The planet is drowning and our most intelligent scientists can’t do anything about it. The greatest minds can’t get us out of this suicidal march that we are in right now. So what can we do about it? The answer is everything! And this site is one way to do it. We came to a realization that the solution to this problem is not going to happen as a consequence of someSave the planet new knowledge, some brilliant mind solution, a better more humanitarian legal order. A mind can’t help us there. A mind is made out of thoughts and thoughts cannot change our state of being. No matter how nice and positive they are, they are still just thoughts. A new reality, a new planet is going to be a consequence of recognition that love is the greatest treasure that we could ever have. It is far beyond our great self-image, material possessions or anything else in this world. Love gives meaning to things and not the other way around. A new earth is going to be a consequence of our readiness to surrender our self to love, to life, to God, to our true nature, supreme intelligence, or whatever you want to name it. The truth is, it cannot be named, it cannot be found and it cannot be understood, but it is apparently on a much higher level than our human brains could ever be. We are not the supreme beings, although we were taught this way. And we are not always right and we do not always have the right solution for every problem, even if we believe we do. This force that we search is in every living being, including mother earth and every little plant that has ever grown from it. We don’t see it is because we were learned to see everything through our mind. But love cannot be seen through our mind and we cannot have two laws at the same time. So we must decide. Who is going to be our master, who is going to make our decisions? For thousands of years now, our mind is running this world. We become servants of Ego, servants of illusionary self-image, a servant of illusionary values projected into the things, into life circumstances, material goods. To have all that, and more, we had to shut our hearts, suppress the emotions. They are not helpful in a process of making a profit, making weapons, exploitation of weakest, exploitation of natural treasures, killing, stealing, abusing etc. And now, we are not satisfied with the consequences of our acts. We are trying to fix it. To fix the consequences of a silenced heart and mind domination, we turned to the one that caused this heartless state in a first place. The occupier is now pretending to be our savior, pretending to know the answer how to fix the inequities caused by his own nature. A nature of the mind. A nature of Ego.

Most of us are trapped in that state. Identified with our mental, emotional and physical forms. These are all mortal, transient, unstable forms and it is perfectly understandable that we are afraid as long as we are identified with them. Mortality is a frightening fact, so our actions here are mostly based on fear. That is why we cannot help our self from this level. A strategy of mind, as we have been witnessed for centuries, is based on force. We fight the diseases, we fight violence, we fight everything that we considered as bad, everything that causes us fear, endanger our belief system.

The truth is; if you want to fight evil, you must become evil. But the evil is madness, and fighting madness is also madness. A kingdom of mind, a kingdom of Ego and all the things we condemn, are a consequence of fighting. Despite countless attempts to exterminate violence, diseases, hunger, inequities, abuse etc., they still continue to increase. We put some better outfit and learn some manners, but the conditions are not improving. Our greatest minds do not have a real answer to the consequences of human greed and headless craving for material goods, power, and authority. In a world where the nature of Ego dictates our actions, our natural treasures, plant and animal species, including humans, are just subjects of exploitation and a tool for making a profit. As long as we are in a state of Ego, a state of never-ending need, a need which can never be fulfilled, we will continue to feed this irrational, heartless world that we have created, until we disappeared from the face of the earth.

It’s time to change our ways. It is time to change our strategies. It is time to step out of the frame of our minds into the love of our hearts. Here on, in our so-called Go beyond meditation, we will surpass the mind and make space for the feeling of love to support our acts and fulfill our lives. We’ll discover what lies beyond the mind and meet the source of “ever existed”. The place where everything arises. Our true nature – our consciousness. Join us, you are most welcome!

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