Meditation – Go Beyond

The best thing to go beyond the mind is to follow your heart. If that is, for some reason, not available to you, we are offering you a simple practice, which can help you to surpass your mind patterns and step by step gets you back to the track of love, joy, and happiness. You can choose to meditate with or without the background music.

For a start, we will count our breathing from 12 to 0. With breathing, you are releasing the tension out of your body. With every breath, you are getting more and more relaxed. When we’ll come to a zero point, we will ask ourselves a question, without the need to find the answer. The explanation could only come from the mind, but that is not what we are searching for. We suggest you, to set an alarm clock, so you don’t have to think about the time. Time is the mind, and we need to go beyond. So let’s start with breath counting and after meditating on our question without expectations to find the answer.




While meditating, some thoughts and emotions might arise. Don’t react to it. Be present. Observe your subconscious patterns and the tricks it used to drag you out of this state.

If you were dragged out, don’t worry. Just be aware of thoughts, emotions or some heard feelings that cause you to leave. Write them in a field of confession with clearly defined intention to surpass them and use them to expend consciously and grow spiritually. If you don’t know what intention to set, we can do it for you. After you meditate some more, do not fight the emotions, hard thoughts or feelings. Fighting them is straitening them, giving them energy, giving them life. Observe them, breathe, and stay present. They have no power in a field of “your” consciousness. Consciousness is beyond them. You can go down, but they cannot come up. Here is your home. This is your true nature.

Express your gratitude for the opportunity to experience that kind of energy, that kind of adventure, a special aspect of life.

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