Our vision and our desire is to grow from a web page into a social network and move to a membership-based page, where we will be able to include all like-minded members.

   We expect to see the emergence of a positive community, based on spiritual values, which will be visionaries of a new Earth and a new reality.

   Later, we would like to evolve into an organization focused on improving the quality of life on the planet Earth, implementing new values, new ways of thinking, of acting and being.

   We also intend to publish a book, in which stories of our visitors and members will be included. A book about their creations and dreams on one side, and about ideas our society condemns and rejects, because of incomprehension, lack of love and deep-rooted fear on the other.

   We also intend to develop the so-called rooms for group meditation. Rooms, where we will be able to collectively draw attention to the awakening of love, clarity, and peace on our planet. Rooms will have a graphical representation of meditating members. We will reward the best stories and creations that you send us. As an expression of gratitude for your contribution, effort, and energy you put into the content of this site.

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