A "GIVE TO RECEIVE" PROCESS

   Since we would like to avoid the effects of the relative value of money and keep the door open to anyone that needs our help and support, we will not charge for our services. Instead, we will be opened for donations, the height of which you alone will decide and thus enable us to keep the web page running. A donation can be seen as an exchange of energy. Money in addition to the physical dimensions has also an energy value. Like all forms of energies, it keeps flowing around and circulates. If we are not willing to sacrifice some of our energy, we possess a blockage that prevents a natural flow of energy that runs through our lives. If we can't let go, we cannot let in. This truth applies not to money alone. It works in all areas of our life. Understanding that will help us to create a life, according to our dreams.

You can donate using a PayPal account, credit card or transaction account number. Or send it by mail, using the address of the account holder.


   Donors who contribute more than 15$ will receive a magical, priceless gift. We will email you a very special message from a higher self, The sacred word from God, or The essence invitation. For many of you, this might be a first time and a lifetime opportunity to associate with your true self. A life-changing experience, to listen and to feel the serenity of the present moment, unconditional love and your eternal, timeless and spaceless nature. Go deeper and expect the unexpected.

   As an expression of gratitude, our donors will have the advantage when it comes to dealing with their cases. Names of those who contribute more than 5 $ will be (except for the person who chooses the opposite) written in a special section on the front page of this site. We`ll be needing your name, surname and the name of occupation you are currently involved with. If you are not satisfied with your occupation, then it is better to write down the desirable activity that you would like to do for a living. Forget your limitations and your fears. Feel it in your heart. We will post it in a dedicated place of our site. With the power of your faith and the faith of our visitors, it can be believed into an existence. You might prefer to have money or health, but once you start living according to your true nature, you can have it all. A miracle happens when we allow it. 

   In advance, we are thanking you for your contributions. They shall be repaid, in a form that's best for you and your personal growth.

Thank you and God bless you.




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If you would like to make a donation via Transaction Account or send it by post, please use the following data:

IBAN: SI56 6100 0000 6347 639
Reference: DONATION

Account holder name: ROBERT SUNTAJS
Address: ČEČE DEL 022
Post office: 1420 TRBOVLJE

Bank address: TRG REVOLUCIJE 6a