Lifting the awareness


   If strengthening the awareness, releasing the past and overcoming unconscious parts of our life is a hard work, then we will need certain tools, levers and signposts to escape or to break the vicious circle of recurring, restrictive and painful life circumstances. To overcome the influence of deep-rooted patterns, made out of thought, energetic blockades, and painful emotions, we will have to do our best. We do not claim it is going to be easy, we believe it will be worth it. Welcome and good luck!







   Waiting is the closest thing to meditating. It can be very frustrating. It brings out unprocessed feelings from our past, so it can also be very liberating. But only if we are capable of uninvolved observation. Meditation should not be a state of doing. It should be a state of expecting. We need to know or feel something we obviously don’t know or feel yet. If we would, we would not have the need to search or to meditate anymore. We usually do not grow because of what we know. A state of ignorance can be a good point for self-realization, A fertilizer for growth.

   Meditation should be an un-involvement observational learning process. We should learn to accept feelings, things, and thoughts the way they are and be present in the process of transformation. Soon you will see… it is all made out of love! Welcome to our site!




   Visualization is our most basic tool, a God-given heritage, and a priceless gift. Conscious practicing stimulates the right side of our brain, which is the center of creativity and emotions. Numerous studies have shown positive effects on physiological processes such as respiration, digestion, blood pressure, heart rate, release the nervous system, depression, increase motivation, improve concentration, etc. It is what makes us god alike. It is what makes us creators of our life, circumstances, destiny. We create our reality with it. Some consciously, others unconsciously. Instead of using it to transform our hearts desires into a reality and materialized the truth of a higher consciousness, we continue to create the inhabit mind patterns of a human species. Since the conditions on the planet are a great reflection of our inherited and acquired behavioral patterns, we might consider their rationality and start paying attention to the devastating consequences that they cause. If we do, we can see the insanity that directs our human race. The same thing is on a personal level. If your inherited program is a good program which results in a spiritual growth and allows the energy of love to run freely, you probably won’t feel the need to change it or surpass it. If it is hard and painful, you might consider that option. Since a mind pattern is still just a mind pattern, the priority of our visualizations will be in surpassing them and releasing the energy that was transformed into a destructive mind formation. Welcome!



Transformation   Transformation is a natural process in life. A natural behavior of energies. They can transform from one form to another. Our mind samples create certain energetic structures. Some of them can help us to build a house or get a job, others can have a destructive influence on our life. On our physical and psychological body. They can block a natural flow of energies that run through and disrupt its natural balance. Consequences can be seen as a lack of energy, tiredness, apathy, malaise, psychological pain, physical pain etc. At the end it can, due to the lack of energy in a specific body area, cause dysfunction of a corresponded organ. If we want to get our natural state and our health back, we have to let this destructive patterns out of our minds, as well as out of our bodies. You can release your mind patterns by writing them into our pre-prepared form, in a “MIND CLEANING” or. “THE HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS” menu. The thing is, our physical body also have a memory of its own. We call it, cellular memory. Luckily it has its own intelligence that is far beyond the intelligence of an average human being. To transform this patterns on a cellular level, we simply have to release our negative mind patterns, express our purpose and let the body consciousness take over. Paying the attention to the living presence of the intelligent forces of nature within us without interfering is enough. If your mind is still active and louder than the present moment and simplicity of a natural being, you can surpass it with some physical activity and return to the process later. With some practice, you will gain the control over your mind in a second. Set the timer, relax and enjoy. You will not regret!

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