Help from above

    Guess everyone once in a while find himself in a situation that overcomes his straights and abilities. At that point, we usually turn ourselves to God, an angel, or a saint. To something or. someone who would be able to help us from this trap. Ego and our acquired behavioral patterns are in most cases prevent us to believe and to feel the existence of something that is not accessible to our physical senses. The nature of Ego is such, that it wants to be the only thing that exists and matters in this world. If you are in a situation where you cannot help yourself, you can send a request to your guide by writing it into the form below. This our guide, no matter how you name it, is basically our own self on a higher level of consciousness. When you express desire, a request or demand, it is necessary to surrender, our mind, our ego, and our goals, so that the process can begin to take place. We will call it, the process of “A higher level tuning”.


   Determine the time, which you will sacrifice for this process. Set the timer and imagine how the holy spirit light from above, from the universe enlightening your mind. As the mind is enlightened, your heart begins to be the center of your consciousness. Do not fight. Do not be afraid. Just be present and let the higher consciousness lead the way. This is not a mental process, so our effort is no longer needed. It takes only our patients and our approval for the process of overcoming unconscious patterns can take place. In this phase, some unpleasant feelings might arise from our being. You do not interrupt them. Just let them be. They are not real unless you choose so. Unless you set the value and meaning. Good luck!



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