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   Writing your life story or your problematic life circumstances will have the healing effect just because you are aware of it at the time of writing. You can easily be trapped into your sad story or into some problematic life circumstances. Writing it out will ease your soul by being trapped in a prison of negative thinking and feeling. Writing your life circumstances will also put your consciousness into a higher level. On the level where a story is just a story and all the circumstances are perfect experiences and opportunities for healing, learning, and growing process.

   If you allow us to publish your story, other people can read it, feel it and enlighten it. They might feel the need to give you a kind word, a love, and support or to build a relationship with you. It is very comforting to find a person on the same level, a person with the same destiny, a person who understands. We like to believe that this website will become the crossroads of people which are lost in some critical life circumstances. We will be here to help them get back on the path of love, light and a true meaning of existence.

   We are preparing a life story journal in which we`ll post some of the most interesting stories people will send us. If you agree with the potential publication of your story, exposure to the comments of our readers, we need your authorization in the field on this form. Thank you!

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